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UL508A & CSA Certified Controls for Your Most Difficult Applications

Complex control solutions are required for many applications. To handle these intricate procedures, TAG Solutions offers engineering and design services. We use cutting edge technology and innovative business processes to provide industrial control panels of the highest caliber that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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VFD & PLC Electrical Control Panel

For many years, TAG Solutions has been building electrical control panels for our local OEM partners and end users. These panels typically include PLCs, VFDs or both.

Custom control panel for a local OEM with HMI interface. Unit has PLC control with 4-20 ma feedback for VFD function and thermocouple inputs to control SCR outputs for control of different heat zones. Main power is 480VAC 3 phase with 24VDC control.

Custom conveyor control system for a local OEM. This is a remote drive panel with multiple VFDs controlled via serial communication from the main PLC enclosure. Each unit had separate safety circuits to isolate various parts of the complete conveyor line.

This lighting control panel was designed and built for a local industry leading wholesale greenhouse. All the different zones had the option for manual or automatic control via feedback from different sensors either by remote or local control.